Individual Freedom & Responbility

Our rights are endowed by our creator, not the government. We must continually be vigilant and oppose encroachments that threaten our American way of life.

Parent Rights & Education

Fiscal Responsibility

Government must prioritize tax dollars to pay for essentials, such as roads, first. Just as you and I must sit down at our kitchen table and make tough choices about where our money goes, so should our elected leaders. Nothing is free, and the taxpayers shouldn't be used to redistribute wealth.

Free Market

Government should get out of the way of business. Overregulation stifles economic and job growth, affecting us all. A free market approach is the only way to stop cronyism and ensure opportunity for all.

Parents have the right to raise their children in the way they choose, including their education.  We must work to ensure that parent rights are respected and excellent education choices are available regardless of location, special needs, or financial situation.